Domestic care of a person is physically and psychologically an exhausting task and comes with great responsibility.

Questions in this field of expertise require reliable answers. Daily routines change, when one starts to take care of a relative, thus requiring a need for an increase in structured and efficient organization.

CuraVesta© addresses these problems. Our mobile application assists with preparations and duties in daily care.

CuraVesta© is an innovative mHealth service is everywhere and anytime available for both, to care givers and care receivers.

CuraVesta© enables care receivers to remain in their home longer while being well supplied.

The greatest care service in Germany is the domestic family care service.

1.9 million People are being taken care of by 44.5 million relatives.

In more than two thirds of all cases no ambulant care service is involved.

About CuraVesta

CuraVesta© is a mHealth service, primarily for the first and second health care market.

CuraVesta© upports relatives performing a variety of tasks with reliability, structure and quality assured.

CuraVesta© helps care receivers to remain autonomous and to live as self – determined as possible.

The CuraVesta© Network connects with family members, friends, doctors, nursing care bases, residential counselling, payers and service providers.

Experienced caregivers and doctors, a multimedia self – educating platform and an online library give answers to questions regarding care and supply – available online.

Technical assistant systems will be integrable, e.g. smart home connection such as lighting concepts and AAL-solutions in medical products segment.

Key components

Technologically CuraVesta© consists of a frontend for control and data communication and a backend for process and data management.

Logically the system consists of:


mHealth has great potential, that we have yet to fully explore. We face great organisational social and legal challenges.

Evidence of utility

The utility of single components is to be proved by accompanying, scientifically sound studies.


The acceptance criteria of the app is user friendliness. Main aspects that we are focusing on are ergonomics and failsafe control.

Knowledge transfer

Transfer of care and health knowledge to the target group is crucial for success in domestic care.


CuraVesta© is a care service for the first health market.


Certifications according to medical products law and manufacturer neutral integration of digital medical products are fundamental.

Data security

Privacy and personal data protection is secured regardless of a case’s difficulty.

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